Fire and Resource Assessment Program Publications

Our publications are no longer available for download. We are creating new versions that will be both accessible and available for download. Until then, if you see a title you would like to have more information about, please contact

FRAP Publications

Title Date
Biomass Potentials from California Forest and Shrublands 2005
Bioregional Demographic Trends and Implications for Biodiversity 1997
California Watersheds Natural Resource and Community Integrators 1993
CDF Comment: California, the Flammable State 1994
Central Coast Sustainable Landscapes Project 1995
Economic Diversity and Biodiversity in the Eastern Sierra Nevada 1997
Factors Affecting Blue Oak Sapling Recruitment and Regeneration 1993
Fire Management for California Ecosystems 1995
Local Government Timber Revenue 2002
Modeling the Effects of Pre-fire Projects on the Old Gulch Fire Using FARSITE 1995
Monitoring California's Hardwood Rangelands Using Remotely Sensed Data 2002
Overview of Hardwoods in California 1998
Rangeland Cover Type Descriptions for California Hardwood Rangelands 1989
Selected Techniques for Restocking Hardwood Rangelands in California with Native Oaks 1991
Silvicultural Options in Managed Oak Woodlands to Benefit Breeding Birds 1998
Timberland Site Class on Private Lands Zoned for Timber Production 2002