FRAP Publications

Publication Date   Watersheds and Water Resources
1993   California Watersheds - Natural Resource and Community Integrators
1994   CDF Comment: California: The Flammable State
1995   Central Coast Sustainable Landscapes Project
1999   Cumulative Impacts Analysis - A Report of CDF Director's THP Task Force
1999   Annotated Bibliography on the Ecology, Management, and Physical Effects of Large Woody Debris (LWD)
1999   Evaluating Stream and Watershed Conditions in Northern California
2002   The Geomorphic and Ecological Influence of Large Woody Debris in Streams and Rivers
2003   Linking Watershed Management and Ocean Management with Internet-based Mapping Tools
           Date   Forests
1988   Silvicultural Options in Managed Oak Woodlands to Benefit Breeding Birds
1991   Selected Techniques for Restocking Hardwood Rangelands in California with Native Oaks
1993   Factors Affecting Blue Oak Sapling Recruitment and Regeneration
1997   Designing the Foothill Intermix
1998   California Economic Report of the Governor: Forestry (1998) - Forestry Excerpt
1998   The Land Base of California's Forests
1998   An update to the extent, ownership, and reserved status of California's Hardwood Rangelands
1998   Identification of Vegetation State-and-Transition Domains in California
1998   Overview of Hardwoods in California
1998   Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Oak Woodland Landscapes: A Study of Central Coast and Northern Sacramento Valley Sustainable Landscapes Projects (Lessons Learned)
1998   State and Transition Models for California's Hardwood Rangelands
2000   Final PTEIR for Meadow Vista Vegetation Management Program
2002   Contributions of Timber -- Related and other Revenue to Local Governments in California
2002   Timberland Conversion in California from 1969 to 1998
2002   Timberland Site Class on Private Lands Zoned for Timber Production
2005   Biomass Potentials from California Forest and Shrublands Including Fuel Reduction Potentials
            Date   Mapping and Methods
1993   GIS Tools for the Assessment of Land Use Impacts on Biodiversity
1999   A Machine-Learning Approach to Change Detection Using Multi-Scale Imagery (Presented at American Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing 1999 Annual Conference, Portland, OR)
1999   Monitoring Land Cover Changes in California, Southern Sierra Nevada Project Area
2002   Methods for Development of Habitat Acres, Forest and Range Assessment 2002
2002   Monitoring California's Hardwood Rangelands using Remotely Sensed Data
2002   Monitoring Land Cover Changes in California, Northeastern CA Project Area
2002   Monitoring Land Cover Changes in California, South Coast Project Area
2003   Monitoring Land Cover Changes in California, North Coast Project Area
2004   California State Government Digital Land Records Information (DLRI) Needs Assessment
          Date   Fire
1995   Fire Management for California Ecosystems
1996   Simulating Fire on the Landscape Using Markov Models
1997   Modeling the Effects of Prefire Projects on the Old Gulch Fire Using FARSITE
1997   Turning Plantations into Healthy, Fire Resistant Forests
1999   Development Patterns and Fire Suppression
2001   Comparison of Area Burned in Developed and Wildland Areas in the Northwestern Sierra Foothills
           Date   People
1997   Bioregional Demographic Trends and Implications for Biodiversity
1997   Economic Diversity and Biodiversity in the Eastern Sierra Nevada
1999   Case Study: Current and Future Patterns of Development in El Dorado County
1997   Urbanizing Pressures on Forests in Coastal Counties and the Central Sierra Nevada
2002   The Potential Impacts of Development on Wildlands in El Dorado County, California

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