2003 Southern California Fire Assessments


This webpage is designed to provide access to current map, data, and tabular information relating to the Southern California Fires of 2003.

We have accessed the most current fire perimeter data, and superimposed these fires on other available spatial data describing the physical and geopolitical areas affected.


FRAP/RSL make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of data or maps. In particular, data relating to recently burned areas reflect generalized perimeters and represent coarse, preliminary assessments of the fire perimeters, and fire sizes, and may change or not correspond to other officially reported acreage. Areas close to, or inside of the perimeters represented here may or may not have actually burned. The user will not seek to hold either the Federal or State Government, nor the US Forest Service or CDF liable under any circumstances for any damages with respect to any claim by the user or any third party on account of or arising from the use of data or maps.

  • Maps - Downloadable maps of recent fire related requests.
  • Data - GIS based coverages of current fire perimeters.
  • Tables - Tabular information derived from fire overlays.
  • Reports - Reports based on analysis of the current fire information.
  • Related links - Links related to the 2003 Southern California Fires.
  • BAER Data - Burned Area Emergency Response data and maps related to the 2003 Southern California Fires.

For more information, please contact:

Dave Sapsis
Wildland Fire Scientist
CDF Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP)
PO Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244-2460



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