Fire Perimeter Database Description

The Fire Perimeter Database is maintained an an ESRI ArcGIS File Geodatabase. There are three feature classes (data layers) within the GDB. For 2017, these are:

  • firep17_1: depicting wildfire perimeters from contributing agencies current as 2017;
  • rxburn17_1: depicting prescribed fires supplied from contributing agencies current as 2017;;
  • Non_FireRX_Legacy13_1: depicting non-prescribed fire fuel reduction projects that were initially included in the database. Fuels reduction projects that are non prescribed fire are no longer included.

Fire Perimeters Attribute Table Item Definitions

---------------- ----------------- ------------------------- ------------
YEAR_ Text Fire Year No
STATE Text State Yes
AGENCY Text Direct protection agency responsible for fire Yes
UNIT_ID Text ICS code for unit Yes
FIRE_NAME Text Name of the fire No
INC_NUM Text Number assigned by the Emergency Command Center of the responsible agency for the fire No
ALARM_DATE Date Alarm date for fire No
CONT_DATE Date Containment date for fire No
CAUSE Integer Reason fire ignited Yes
COMMENTS Text Miscellaneous comments No
REPORT_AC Number Estimated area consumed in fire No
GIS_ACRES Number GIS calculated area in acres No
C_METHOD Integer Method used to collect perimeter data Yes
OBJECTIVE Integer Either suppression or resource benefit Yes
FIRE_NUM Text   No

State Coding:
Agency ID Description
CA California
NV Nevada
OR Oregon
AZ Arizona

Agency Coding:
Agency Description
BIA USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM Bureau of Land Management
CDF California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
CCO Contract Counties
DOD Department of Defense
FWS USDI Fish and Wildlife Service
LRA Local Response Area
NOP No Protection
NPS National Park Service
PVT Private
USF United States Forest Service
OTH Other

Cause coding:
Cause Code Description
1 Lightning
2 Equipment Use
3 Smoking
4 Campfire
5 Debris
6 Railroad
7 Arson
8 Playing with Fire
9 Miscellaneous
10 Vehicle
11 Power Line
12 Firefighter Training
13 Non-Firefighter Training
14 Unknown/Unidentified
15 Structure
16 Aircraft
17 Volcanic
18 Escaped Prescribed Burn
19 Illegal Alien Campfire

Collection Method coding:
Cause Code Description
1 GPS Ground
2 GPS Air
3 Infrared
4 Other Imagery
5 Photo Interpretation
6 Hand Drawn
7 Mixed Collection Methods
8 Unknown

Objective coding:
Cause Code Description
1 Suppression (Wildfire)
2 Resource Benefit (WFU)

UNIT ID coding:
For unit id codes, download this spreadsheet.

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