FRASC Assessment Topics

The California State Forest and Rangeland Assessment is integral to the United States Forest Service (USFS) State and Private Forestry (S&PF) Redesign. It is also required as an amendment to the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act (CFAA), as enacted in the 2008 Farm Bill. The USFS State and Private Forestry program suggested these three over-arching themes as well as specific concepts for the development of California's Forest Action Plan:

  • Conserve Working Forest Lands
    • Identify and conserve high priority forest ecosystems and landscapes.
    • Actively and sustainably manage forests.
  • Protect Forests From Harm
    • Restore fire-adapted lands and reduce risk of wildfire impacts.
    • Identify, manage and reduce threats to forest and ecosystem health.
  • Enhance Public Benefit from Trees and Forests
    • Protect and enhance water quality and quantity.
    • Improve air quality and conserve energy.
    • Assist communities in planning for and reducing wildfire risks.
    • Maintain and enhance the economic benefits and values of trees and forests.
    • Protect, conserve, and enhance wildlife and fish habitat
    • Connect people to trees and forests, and engage them in environmental stewardship
    • Manage and restore trees and forests to mitigate and adapt to global climate change.

The following topics were developed by the Fire and Resource Assessment Program to address the three over-arching themes and concepts suggested by the USFS State and Private Forestry program:



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