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Conserving and Enhancing Water Quality and Water Supply across California’s Working Forests and Rangelands

Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to our meeting discussing water quality and water supply in California. The meeting generated a good amoung of discussion and helped set the stage for improving our 2015 Assessment. Meeting materials are below. Please look them over when you have a chance and let us know if you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions.

Frozen Winter Alpine Lake

Meeting Materials:

Meeting Presentation (pdf)

Fraser Shilling Presentation on Criteria and Indicator Project (pdf)

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Meeting Invite (pdf)



We would like to offer you the opportunity to respond to the same questions our speaker answered. Click here to view the questions.If you have any responses you would like to provide, or if you have any other feedback, we welcome your input.


Panel Speakers:

  • Lorraine Flint, Research Hydrologist, USGS
  • Cajun James, Manager of Monitoring Program, Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Frank K. Lake, Research Ecologist, USFS PSW
  • Phil Saksa, Hydrologist, Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project Water Team



The goal of the meeting is to provide a forum for interested stakeholders to discuss water quality and water supply with CALFIRE staff in preparation for our upcoming 2015 Assessment of Forests and Rangelands.



  • To discuss the role of forest and range management for the consercation and enhancement of water quality and water supply.
  • To discuss water management at both a statewide scale as well as a local scale.



Protecting and managing forests in source watersheds is an essential part of future strategies for providing a sustainable supply of clean water for a broad range of beneficial uses. A water supply analysis identifies locations where high value water supply coincides with high threats and thus represents areas where stewardship projects are most needed. A water quality analysis identifies locations where high value water assets in watersheds supporting a broad range of beneficial uses coincide with high risks that threaten water quality.

To learn more about how we addressed water resources in the 2010 assessment, click here



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