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CAL FIRE State Responsibility Areas (SRA) for Fire Protection
CAL FIRE State Responsibility Areas (SRA) for Fire Protection
Statewide map of SRA lands, including incorporated cities. Data Version: SRA11_2

Map Size: 34" x 48" Map Scale: 1:1,000,000


By downloading from this page, the user agrees to the following terms and conditions. The State of California and the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of data or maps. The user will not seek to hold the State or the Department liable under any circumstances for any damages with respect to any claim by the user or any third party on account of or arising from the use of data or maps.

The user will cite the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as the original source of the maps, but will clearly denote cases where the original maps have been updated, modified, or in any way altered from the original condition. There are no restrictions on distribution of the maps by users. However, users are encouraged to refer others to the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to acquire the maps, in case updated maps become available.

Map Files

Extent File Size (kB)
Statewide sramap.pdf 8,791
Alameda sramap.1.pdf 10,209
Alpine sramap.2.pdf 1,358
Amador sramap.3.pdf 2,855
Butte sramap.4.pdf 3,339
Calaveras sramap.5.pdf 3,282
Colusa sramap.6.pdf 1,733
Contra Costa sramap.7.pdf 7,123
Del Norte sramap.8.pdf 1,621
El Dorado sramap.9.pdf 4,146
Fresno sramap.10.pdf 9,216
Glenn sramap.11.pdf 1,762
Humboldt sramap.12.pdf 4,764
Imperial sramap.13.pdf 2,043
Inyo sramap.14.pdf 3,195
Kern sramap.15.pdf 10,379
Kings sramap.16.pdf 1,805
Lake sramap.17.pdf 3,099
Lassen sramap.18.pdf 3,963
Los Angeles sramap.19.pdf 29,219
Madera sramap.20.pdf 5,326
Marin sramap.21.pdf 3,781
Mariposa sramap.22.pdf 2,225
Mendocino sramap.23.pdf 4,069
Merced sramap.24.pdf 3,308
Modoc sramap.25.pdf 2,432
Mono sramap.26.pdf 2,136
Monterey sramap.27.pdf 4,437
Napa sramap.28.pdf 3,841
Nevada sramap.29.pdf 3,715
Orange sramap.30.pdf 11,189
Placer sramap.31.pdf 6,156
Plumas sramap.32.pdf 3,896
Riverside East sramap.61.pdf 3,076
Riverside West sramap.60.pdf 18,167
Sacramento sramap.34.pdf 6,015
Santa Barbara sramap.42.pdf 3,583
Santa Clara sramap.43.pdf 9,400
Santa Cruz sramap.44.pdf 4,258
San Benito sramap.35.pdf 2,662
San Bernardino Ne sramap.65.pdf 1,779
San Bernardino Nw sramap.64.pdf 6,187
San Bernardino Se sramap.63.pdf 3,644
San Bernardino Sw sramap.62.pdf 13,181
San Diego sramap.37.pdf 12,080
San Francisco sramap.38.pdf 2,712
San Joaquin sramap.39.pdf 4,362
San Luis Obispo sramap.40.pdf 4,370
San Mateo sramap.41.pdf 8,937
Shasta sramap.45.pdf 4,923
Sierra sramap.46.pdf 2,147
Siskiyou sramap.47.pdf 4,960
Solano sramap.48.pdf 5,999
Sonoma sramap.49.pdf 3,926
Stanislaus sramap.50.pdf 4,726
Sutter sramap.51.pdf 2,431
Tehama sramap.52.pdf 4,003
Trinity sramap.53.pdf 4,946
Tulare sramap.54.pdf 3,937
Tuolumne sramap.55.pdf 3,806
Ventura sramap.56.pdf 5,686
Yolo sramap.57.pdf 2,887
Yuba sramap.58.pdf 2,787