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Thumbnail Map of CALFIRE Priority Projects
CAL FIRE Priority Projects (Executive Order N-05-19) | Metadata
Executive Order N-05-19 requires the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to identified 35 priority projects that can be implemented immediately to reduce public safety risk for over 200 communities. These projects also take into account necessary actions to protect vulnerable populations, and communities as a prescriptive and deliberative endeavor to realize the greatest returns on reducing risk to life and property.

CAL FIRE Administrative Boundaries
CAL FIRE Administrative Boundaries | Metadata
Statewide GIS layer of CDF Unit and Region boundaries, updated October, 2018

County Boundaries
California County Boundaries | Metadata
Statewide county boundaries, updated April, 2019

California Direct Protection Areas for Wildland Fire Protection (DPA)

Statewide GIS layer showing wildland fire protection areas by state, federal, and local agencies, established by mutual consent. Updated 2017.

CaliforniaCalifornia's Forests and Rangelands: 2010 Assessment Data

A complete repository of all the data used in the 2010 Assessment analyses. More Information

Facilities | Metadata
CALFIRE and Schedule A Contract facilities for fire suppression. Includes fire stations, air attack and helitak bases, conservation camps and support facilities. Updated May, 2019

Fire Hazard Severity Zones ADOPTED, 11-7-2007, SRA only
Fire Hazard Severity Zones in SRA (ADOPTED in 2007)
Statewide GIS layer and maps of ADOPTED Fire Hazard Severity Zones More Information

Fire Hazard Severity Zones RECOMMENDED, 5-2008, Very High zones in LRA
Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in LRA, RECOMMENDED, 5-2008
RECOMMENDED county GIS layers of Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in Local Responsibility Areas (LRA) . More Information

Fire Threat
Fire Threat | Metadata
Statewide GIS layer (GRID format) of fire threat, which combines expected fire frequency with potential fire behavior to create 4 threat classes (v05_1).

Fire Perimeters
Fire Perimeters | Metadata
Statewide geodatabase with wildfire history, prescribed burns, and other fuel modification projects current through 2018. More Information

Fire: California Fire Hazard Reduction Projects
California Fire Hazard Reduction Projects | Metadata
This File Geodatabase contains Project and Treatment polygon feature classes and an Activities table describing a subset of fire hazard reduction treatments conducted by CAL FIRE. Latest version released in 2013.

Incorporated California Cities
Incorporated Cities | Metadata
A full accounting of incorporated California cities, including the boundary and name of each individual city. Latest version updates our determination of city boundaries as of October, 2018.

FVEG | Metadata
Revised in 2015. Raster representation of statewide vegetation with WHR types, WHR size and WHR density.

LCMMP, Vegetation Data
GIS layer of vegetation (CALVEG and WHR) from 1997 to the present. Tiled by region. More Information

CAL FIRE State Responsibility Area (SRA)
CAL FIRE State Responsibility Areas (SRA) | Metadata

Statewide GIS layer of State Responsibility Areas (SRA), Federal Responsibility Areas (FRA), and Local Responsibility Areas (LRA). Updated April, 2018.

You can also use the SRA Viewer to access SRA data.

LCMMP, Vegetation Data
CalWater 2.2.1| Metadata
This dataset contains hydrologic regions, huc 8 watershed boundaries, and planning unit watershed boundaries for the state of California

Tree Seed Zones
California Tree Seed Zones | Metadata

Statewide GIS layer of tree seed zones with similar climate and soils, used by CDF to designate and reference seed collection areas.

Ownership| Metadata
Statewide GIS layer of land ownership, compiled from multiple data sources and snapped to county parcels. Last updates October, 2018

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