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Assessment Information Systems
Population and Land Use
Global Context of California's Economy and Environmental Concerns

  1. BIODIVERSITY: Conservation of biological diversity

    Overview of Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Management
        Habitat Diversity
        Special Habitat Elements: Snags and Down Logs in Coniferous Forests
        Old Growth Forests
        Population Status of Native Species
        Species of Concern

  2. PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY: Maintenance of productive capacity of forest and rangeland resources

    Overview of Maintenance of Productive Capacity of Forest and Rangeland Ecosystems
        Forest Land Base
        Timberland Inventory Characteristics
        Maintenance of Productivity of Forest Lands by Zoning
        Rangeland Area and Condition

  3. HEALTH: Maintenance of forest and rangeland ecosystem health and vitality

    Overview of Maintenance of Forest Health and Vitality
        Habitat Loss and Alteration
        Trends in Wildland Fire
        Wildfire Risks to Assets
        Forest Pests and Diseases
        Non-Native Invasive Species on Forests and Rangelands
        Air Quality Influences

  4. SOIL AND WATER: Conservation and maintenance of soil and water resources

    Overview of Soil and Water Conservation
        Protection of Soil
        Watershed Quality and Assessment

  5. FORESTS AND CLIMATE: Forest contribution to global carbon cycles

    Overview of Forest Contribution to Global Carbon Cycles
        Forests and Climate Change

  6. SOCIO-ECONOMIC: Maintenance and enhancement of long-term multiple socio-economic benefits to meet the needs of society

    Overview of Maintenance and Enhancement of Long-Term Multiple Socio-Economic Benefits to Meet the Needs of Society
        Socio-Economic Characteristics
        Economic Conditions and Structures
        Forest and Range Related Energy Industry
        Wildland Outdoor Recreation Assessment
        Range Livestock Industry
        Forest Products Industry
        Water Supply and Use
        Contributions of Timber-Related and Other Revenue to Local Governments

  7. GOVERNANCE: Legal, institutional, and economic framework for forest conservation and sustainable management

    Overview of Legal, Institutional, and Economic Framework for Forest and Range Conservation and Sustainable Management
        Legal Framework
        Institutional Framework: Governance Shifts in the 1990s
        Public Involvement, Information, and Education
        Infrastructure and Services in Support of the Forest and Range Communities
        California's Wildland Fire Infrastructure
        Resource Investments
        Information Collection, Monitoring, and Research

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